Best Electric Skateboards for Heavy Riders

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Today, electric transport is becoming increasingly popular among various categories of people. It allows a person to carry out movement on roads and sidewalks and not to exert any effort. One of the most interesting types of such vehicles can be called an electric skateboard. This is an excellent solution for the city, which will allow you to feel confident and easy on any surface.


Outside, the electric board is similar to a regular skate, which does not have an electric drive. Therefore, it is called an electric skateboard, since its device is not so much complicated as compared with the classical model, although it differs. For example, the mass of the product in question is significantly larger. The wheels here have a larger diameter.

If we talk about the device of an electric skateboard, then it consists of 4 main components:

  • Electrical engine
  • rechargeable batteries
  • brakes
  • control mechanism.

Now let’s say a little more about each element. An electric skateboard may have one or more electric motors. Low-powered boards accelerate to 15 km per hour, and more powerful models – up to 40.

This makes it possible not only to have fun but also to go to work.

Similar speed indicators are typical for non-professional devices with electric drive. If we talk about models that belong to the category of sports, then they can ride at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. True, riding at such a speed is fraught with great health risks, which requires specialized training. Note that the electric board motor can be easily turned off and moved on it, like on an ordinary skateboard.

An electric skateboard receives electrical energy from the lithium-ion type batteries with which it is equipped. Usually, they are located directly under the board. Their power is small, but the electric motor itself can hardly be called very energy-intensive. Therefore, when the battery is fully charged, you can drive up to 20 kilometers or more. Everything will depend on the model.

And to charge such an accumulator of labor is not difficult. To do this, you need a regular 200-volt outlet and a special wire, which usually comes with the board. Usually, a couple of hours is enough to charge the battery fully.

The brake mechanism is usually responsible for reducing the speed of the board when moving after receiving the appropriate command from the control panel. This is possible due to the use of the recovery effect.

The motor goes into the state of the generator. And the device is coasting and begins to slow down, while simultaneously charging the battery. If riding occurs with deactivated motors, then braking can only be done with your feet. Usually, the stopping distance is 12 meters.

The control mechanism is usually a remote control, thanks to which a person who exercises control, starts the brake and allows you to control the movement of the board.



This skateboard is quite affordable yet with lots of great features. It has 36V, 6600mAh Lithium Samsung battery. Its total charging time is between 2 to 4.

It can cover a maximum distance of about 18.6miles. It has a maximum speed of 25mph and can hold up to 280lbs of weight. It has a dual 500watts motors, and the hoverboard weighs 19.5lbs.


  • It is made of a 9ply Canadian maple wood deck.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Its wheels are wear-resistant PU wheels.
  • It is a high-speed board, capable of delivering a total speed of about 25mph.
  • It has a pretty responsive regenerative brake. Skatebolt’s safety brakes allow you to stop confidently at any point, even when you are at the highest speed.
  • Durability: This skateboard is quite durable.
  • Stability: The wheels and deck provide for smooth and stable skateboarding.
  • It carves pretty well.
  • It has a very impressive torque.
  • It has rear brake lights.
  • It has powerful motors. Skatebolt boards are installed with potent batteries that can drive the boards to go as far as 18 to 20miles.
  • It is perfect for heavy riders as it can hold a maximum weight of 280lbs.
  • With a single charge, you can cover as long as about 19 miles.
  • Its wheels have a hardness level of 85a, which is pretty fast.
  • It has a speed controller.
  • The brakes can be a little harsh at high speeds.
  • The remote control is not the highest quality, although it works well enough.



This skateboard has an excellent built quality yet quite affordable. It can give a maximum speed of 25mph. It has a 4.4ah/36V/158.2Wh battery, and its total charging time is 2 hours.

It can cover a maximum distance of 13miles. It can hold up to a maximum weight of 220lbs. This hoverboard weighs about 16.5lbs. It also has a 1200w motor.

  • It is very affordable yet with excellent built quality.
  • It has excellent torque.
  • It has a classic and sleek design.
  • It provides a very smooth and stable riding experience.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • It can cope with splashes of water in wet conditions as it has an IP65 rating water-resistant mainboard.
  • It has high-speed capabilities. It can deliver a speed of up to 25mph.
  • It is perfect for heavy riders as it can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs.
  • It has a pretty powerful battery and has fast charging capabilities.
  • It has an easy access swappable battery design.
  • It has wide wheels, which helps to provide stability.


Nesaila 28inch Electric Skateboard 20 KM/H Top Speed

This skateboard has more beefed-up specifications yet not so expensive. Rather than maple wood, this board is made of a combination of 4 layers of bamboo and another four layers of fiberglass.

This allows it to be more durable, more elastic, and more stable than its counterparts while riding. It can hold a maximum weight of 270lbs.

It also has an optional single or dual motor work modes. You can either use just one of the two motors or use both, which gives you a maximum output of 2400W. With a single motor, you can reach up to 18miles on a single charge and 11 miles when both motors are in use.

  • This skateboard has so many features yet not so expensive.
  • It has better traction than the regular skateboard.
  • It provides high stability when riding.
  • Durability: This skateboard is durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a unique deck material combination that allows for increased weight load. It can hold up to a maximum weight of 270lbs.
  • It has high-speed capabilities. It has a maximum speed of about 25mph.
  • It allows you to switch between different work modes. There is a fun mode in which both motors are used, and you can attain a speed of about 25mph. There is the middle ground at about 12 mph and the slow mode for inexperienced riders at about 7mph.
  • It has water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-absorbing wheels.
  • It has good elasticity and moderate hardness.


  • The remote control isn’t of the best quality, but pretty good enough.
  • The brakes aren’t as cool as some other skateboards.



Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard, 22 MPH Top Speed

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard is sleek in appearance, reliably built, and well designed. It has a powerful 2100W motor. It has quite high-speed capabilities. You can get to a maximum speed of 24mph.

It has a 199wh rechargeable battery and a total charging time of 1 hour 45minutes. You can cover a maximum distance of 14 miles. The board weighs 17lbs and can hold up to a weight of 250lbs.

  • It has an outstanding speed capability.
  • It is well designed and sleek in appearance.
  • It carves well and has a lot of flex.
  • It has wide tires which have excellent grips.
  • It provides more traction and stability.
  • It has a reverse mode, which allows you to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • It has a fast-charging capacity. The maximum charging time is 2 hours.
  • It has other cool features like map tracking, battery level, distance, and speeds traveled.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It has quite intimidating speed and, riding at very high speed can increase the chance of getting injuries.
  • It doesn’t have excellent range capacity like some other boards. It can only reach up to 14miles of range.
  • Although the remote is well built and nicely designed, it does not have a LED screen, which is quite disappointing.
  • It is not a water-resistant board. Thus, it deprives you of riding in wet weather conditions.


Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard 20 KM/H Top Speed

This skateboard is a super lightweight one. It weighs about 11lbs and can hold heavy riders up to weight 285lbs. It is also super affordable. It has a 250W dual hub motors. It has a 24V, 2200mah Lithium battery with a maximum charging time of 2hours. It can only cover a distance of 6 miles.

  • It is a super lightweight electric skateboard.
  • It is super affordable.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 285lbs, which is far more than the weight capacity of some other skateboards. Thus, it can handle heavy riders.
  • It’s quite suitable for beginners, and it can provide a safe ride for them.
  • It has a fast-charging capability. The maximum charging time is just 2 hours.


  • The board is quite stiff. It does not offer a flexible and smooth ride like that of their counterparts.
  • It doesn’t have high speed or acceleration capabilities. It can only accelerate up to about 12mph.
  • Its motor isn’t as powerful as some other boards. It has just about 250W motor power.
  • It can’t cope with hills or off-roading.
  • It won’t do well with rough or rugged surfaces.
  • It works best only on smooth and flat road terrains.
  • It has a low range of capacity. Its maximum range capacity is 6miles.


Final Verdict

For heavy riders, I will recommend the Skatebolt Tornado B Electric Skateboard longboard. It has a decent maximum weight capacity up to 280lbs, which is pretty cool. It is quite affordable and durable, compared to some other boards. Despite not being expensive, it has a high-speed capability up to 25mph and can cover quite a vast range (about 19 miles). The skateboard is also made of a 9ply Canadian maple wood deck, unlike most skateboards with 5ply decks.

Aside from that, it has dual motors that power I and can deliver a total power output of 1000W. I guess for its price, it has quite satisfying features for a heavy rider.

Pros and cons of Electric Skateboard

Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the transport in question. The strengths are the following points.

  1. Any electric skate, if it is not an SUV, can be used as the simplest skate. If the battery is dead, you can safely ride with the help of the inertia of the body. On the top of the board, nothing will interfere with the simplest pushing away with your feet.
  2. Given that the skateboards received electric drives, their dimensions remained small. If you compare them with electric scooters or electric bicycles, then the boards can be carried in your hand or put in a backpack for the duration of the trip in transport.
  3. The control panel of such a transport is an original decision of the creators because it can work at a certain distance from the skate, which is why it can be called remote. The remote control does not interfere with the person traveling, it is very compact, and using it is as simple and easy as possible.
  4. The control panel allows you to control the skate even when a person is not on it. That is, you can ride someone or drive him to yourself.
  5. Such transport has a considerable supply of energy and can drive quite quickly. According to these criteria, it will be preferable to gyro scooters. Such a skateboard can ride on one charge for an hour even at high speed.
  6. Lack of moisture sensitivity is another important aspect. If it rains outside, the electronic system will not fail, because the board protects it. But riding through puddles will already be a danger. And the road will be slippery, which can cause danger during the ride.
  7. A number of devices have various auxiliary elements. For example, a headlight that illuminates the road for a safe ride. It does not consume a lot of charges because it is based on several low-power LEDs that generate sufficient light flux.
  8. If we talk about the shortcomings, the main one is the rather high price of the device. It will be significantly higher than a regular skate. And if you buy some sort of branded model, then not everyone can afford it.
  9. A significant part of the cost of the device is electronics. And if it breaks, then the repair will be expensive. Therefore, you must protect the electro-skateboard. Given the permanent charging and discharging of batteries, their service life is continuously reduced.
  10. And at some point, you will have to buy a new electro-skateboard because the charge in regularly used batteries will no longer be enough for a long time.

Types of Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards can be divided into several categories according to various criteria. For example, this can be done according to the permissible mass of a person, by power and by the type of road surface. The first criterion is quite essential, because if a person, whose mass is more than permissible, gets on such an electric skateboard, then he will simply break. Manufacturers produce such models of electric skateboards, designed for the weight of the rider:

  • lungs
  • medium
  • heavy.

The easy option can also be called childish. They are suitable for people weighing up to 85 kilograms. Medium models can support a person weighing up to 100 kilograms, while heavy ones are designed for people weighing up to 135 kilograms. According to the category of paving, electric skateboards are:

  • urban
  • off-road.

The first category is characterized by narrow and smooth wheel tires, not very large engine power and low weight. Off-road tires are characterized by pronounced tire treads, as well as adaptability to driving on dirt roads and comfortable off-road driving. Here the motor power will be higher, as well as the mass.

Also, electroskates vary in power. By this criterion they are:

  • children’s
  • professional.

The first category has a power of up to 150 watts and can move at a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour. Models of the second category have a power of up to 350 watts, their rate will be significantly higher.

Also, on the market, you can find both one-wheeled and two-wheeled options. Naturally, models on two wheels will be more popular, because they are much more comfortable and easier to manage.

But unicycle solutions today are quite popular among young people who do not want to spend their time on bulky two-wheeled models.

What Are Selection Tips Electric Skateboard?

An electric skateboard will be a great solution if you have experience riding it. If it is not, then it is better to first practice on non-motorized counterparts.

Another critical point – you should pay attention to the speed of the device. The largest for children’s models is 15 kilometers per hour. For adults – up to 40 kilometers per hour. This value will depend on how powerful the engine is installed on the skateboard.

The third aspect is the power reserve, which is determined by the charge of the battery. On average, we are talking about 20 kilometers. But for more powerful models, this indicator can be 2 times more.

Another critical point is the battery capacity, which is measured in ampere-hours. The power reserve will depend on this indicator.

The larger it is, the higher the distance this type of transport can travel.

The next point that will affect the choice of model is the angle of inclination. Thanks to him, a person can, with varying degrees of ease, go uphill and go down.

Another aspect is the number of wheels and their sizes. As mentioned, today, you can find one-, two- and four-wheel models. If the wheels are large, then the skate will be maximum. But maneuverability will suffer, so here you need to be careful.

The next selection criterion is clearance. The higher the platform is located, the more difficult the terrain it will overcome. Most models are average.

And the last criterion is the weight of the board. Depending on the model, the value can vary from 8 to 35 kilograms.

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