Best Kind of Skateboard for Beginners

Best Kind of Skateboard for Beginners

What skateboard to buy?

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Skateboard is not only entertainment but also physical activity. Skateboarding is not the easiest one, but after a few workouts, you can learn it, learning some tricks with time. Buying the first skateboard when you don’t have experience can be difficult. That is why we have prepared this guide on which skateboard to choose. We will focus mainly on the selection of the first board.

For beginners

People who have experience in skateboarding can assess the equipment themselves. What’s more, they usually assemble the board, buying items that they then assemble. This solution allows you to create a vehicle adapted to the individual needs of the skater.

However, buying without experience, we have a more difficult task. We often reach for too advanced equipment, unsuited for skills, or wanting to save; we buy a product of poor quality. When choosing the first skateboard, pay attention to the quality of performance and universality of parameters.

It is also essential that the equipment is adapted to our skills and easy to master.

Advanced tricks are not performed immediately, so a professional skateboard is unnecessary. It does not mean, however, that we should reach for the cheapest models available on the market. We strongly advise against it.

Skateboard construction – what you need to know

Before we get to the question of choosing the wheels or the size of the board, we want to familiarize you with the construction of a skateboard. It is very important when selecting equipment.

Also, in the rankings or forums, skateboards are often referred to as a countertop, sawmill, or assembly line concerning certain parts, and such names for a person without experience mean nothing.

The basis of every skateboard is aboard, i.e., a top or deck. Usually, the board is made of maple wood. If you do not find such information in the product description, the manufacturer may hide the actual composition of the board. Often, to reduce weight, glass, or carbon fiber is added to the wood.

The tabletop is covered with sandpaper, i.e., a grip that increases grip. It is usually built of 7 to 9 thin countertops. Beginners are recommended versions with 7 layers because they are lighter. The next element is wheels, usually polyurethane or rubber.

If you are buying a board for a small child and it will travel around the house, choose a model with rubber wheels for floor protection. However, for traditional driving, we recommend polyurethane wheels on pavements and roads. Trucks or trucks are elements that allow the installation of wheels.

In contrast, mounters are special screws with which sawmills are attached to the board. At the beginning of the adventure with a skateboard, we do not recommend buying individual items and folding the skateboard; it is better to decide on a ready model.

Length – which skateboard is the best?

The board length ranges from 71 to 82 cm. We select it taking into account our height and experience. The higher we are, the longer board we have to choose. In this regard, it is best to consult an experienced skater or skateboard shop, salespeople. When it comes to the width of the board, the 20 cm model is best to start with.

Wheel size

Another issue is the size of the wheels. In the beginning, the best ones will be 53-55 mm. Remember that larger wheels are designed for riding on the ramp, so if you’re getting your balance, it’s better to choose smaller ones. Of course, they slow down the board, but they are safer. When buying, check the hardness of the wheels. Wheels with a hardness of 99A are recommended for learning.

Check for damage

Small, barely visible scratches, varnish delamination, and other defects on the skateboard are a signal that a given product can quickly break down. Therefore, in the store or immediately after delivery, you should carefully check the technical condition of the equipment.


It is probably the most important issue for beginner skaters. Often it is not the boards, but their style that encourages us to buy. Some manufacturers give us the option of choosing a board finish. However, such models are more expensive.

Skater commands

Before buying, it is worth consulting experienced skaters who have already tested many models. Their tips will help you purchase the right equipment.

Additional elements of the set

Various gadgets, including a helmet and protectors, are sold with the skateboard. For a beginner, regardless of age, such other equipment will be useful. However, it is worth checking the quality of these elements, whether they will protect parts of the body, or rather they will be an unnecessary addition that is to catch the consumer’s attention.

Skateboards at good prices

Although it would seem that at the very beginning, it is not worth investing in good equipment. Especially for children who are not sure whether skateboarding will be attractive to them, it is better to buy something of good quality.

Of course, we don’t have to buy a professional model right away, but it’s worth spending a little more on a better product than the cheapest in the store. Prices for good skateboards start at around PLN 200 and reach up to PLN 1,000. If you want to be sure that you are investing money well, buy a product from a well-known brand valued among skaters.

The best skateboards in 2020

Skateboards are equipment mainly used by teenagers. Such equipment works excellent as a gift. It also helps to draw young people to the fresh air, away from the TV screen or computer.

If you’re thinking about selling a skateboard, be sure to read our ranking, as there are many different models to choose from today.

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

 Our first suggestion is Nils Fishka 163086. This skateboard is produced in three vibrant colors that will appeal to both boys and girls. We have a choice: green, pink and blue.

Despite the toy’s appearance, it is a fully functional skateboard for people up to 100 kg. The board of this model is made of polypropylene plastic, which is both durable and light.

The dimensions of the board are 32 x 8 x 4 inches PU wheels have been attached to the skateboard. The wheels are made of polyurethane. Their hardness of 78A ensures good absorption of vibrations and uneven surfaces.

The whole is complemented by trucks with a size of 3.25 “, which were made of reinforced, polished aluminum and ABEC – 5 bearings. The truss provides safety and comfort of use at the top of the board. Thanks to this construction, the foot will stick firmly to the surface while riding.

Users ensure that the skateboard is solidly made and of good quality.

And most importantly, it’s nice to ride on it. Also, it is available at an affordable price. In a word, it’s a good and cheap skateboard.

The Nils Fishka 163086 model is a good skateboard up to PLN 100 with dimensions: 58 cm x 15.5 cm. The product was made of polypropylene plastic.


Wheels: The wheels in this model are made of durable material with a hardness of 78A, and their dimensions are: 6 cm x 4.4 cm. They absorb vibrations that arise when moving on uneven terrain. Thanks to this, the user will feel safe and stable.

Design: What makes the presented model stand out is a lovely look. The manufacturer offers skateboards in a variety of bright colors, such as yellow, green, or pink. That is why the model stands out from other products offered in stores.

Material: The skateboard is made of high-quality plastic (polypropylene), which is much stronger than wood. Because of this, after landing the trick, you don’t have to worry that the model will be destroyed. Also, the truck is made of durable aluminum, which is also resistant to damage.

Safety: While riding, it’s easy for your skateboard to slip off your skateboard, which could lead to an accident. Fortunately, the product platform is lined with non-slip material, which will help you keep balance.

Reliability: This is a well-made skateboard that will perform both during acrobatic tricks and recreational riding.


Wheels: If you bought a skateboard for a child, you must ensure that it does not train at home. Unfortunately, the wheels of the model will quickly scratch the wooden floor.



ToyerBee Skateboards

 ToyerBee Skateboardsis a new generation skateboard.  We control the skateboard while riding by using our body weight. To accelerate, we must slightly tilt the weight forward, wanting to brake – backward. Such control is possible, thanks to the built-in three gyroscopes.

This model has dimensions of 31″x 8″ full size and its weight is 4.8 pounds.


Wheels: The product has wheels PU Wheels. It ensures high stability while driving, as well as excellent grip, and additionally facilitates turning and performing various tricks while driving.

Durability: The skateboard is made of 8-layer Maple Wood that can withstand loads of up to 70 kg. As a result, overweight people can also use the product. This form of physical activity will help them lose weight.

Efficiency: It is electrical equipment that, after charging, can cover a distance of 15 km. What’s more, it takes up to 90 minutes to fill the batteries once.


Difficult to get balance: Many people admit that maintaining balance on this skateboard is quite difficult and requires a lot of practice.



Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser

 We continue with the product Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser. It is a traditional skateboard, the board of which was made of high-quality Canadian Maple Deck.

It is a design feature of this model that distinguishes it from other products of this type available in stores. Also, the wheels, made of rubber and measuring 57 x 37 mm, are of different colors and add skateboard originality.

This model has dimensions 57 x 15 x 10.5 cm, is very light, and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, should be used by people not exceeding 80 kg. The manufacturer also equipped the device with ABEC – 5 bearings and heavy-duty aluminum trucks with 3.5 ‘shock absorption, which ensure smooth and safe driving.

Opinions about Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser above all emphasize their unique colors. People who bought this product also mention excellent craft and high-quality components used in production.

The Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser model is a good quality skateboard made of wood. Product dimensions: Length = 27.5″ | Width = 7.5″ | Wheelbase = 18.5


Design: a fashionable and interesting design distinguishes skateboard. It was made of transparent plastic. Thanks to this, the product stands out among other models available on the market.

Wheels: In this equipment, you will find soft, rubber wheels that guarantee safe driving. They absorb some of the shocks, which ensures the comfort of movement. Also, the rubber is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the wheels while driving.

Material: Skateboard made of suitable quality plastic. The material is resistant to bends and breaks so that the model will serve you for a long time. Also, the material is lightweight, which ensures a smooth ride.


Weight restrictions: The material of the model (plastic) has limited strength, up to 80 kg. For this reason, the skateboard is not recommended for overweight people.



Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

 We present the Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard, which is becoming increasingly popular on the market. What makes the model stand out is the modern design and colorful stickers that make the longboard look good. The maximum user weight is 100 kg.

The top in this product is a dropdown, i.e., it has a profile with a reduced centre of gravity. It allows for more efficient driving over long distances. The board has also been slightly bent, which increases its durability. It makes it easier to perform tricks and evolution.

The skateboard was made of the highest quality Canadian maple. This type of wood is distinguished by its high durability, which means that the longboard will serve you for many years. All elements have been combined with cold-press technology.

It uses powder glue, which provides resistance to fractures. There is a non-slip tape on the platform that increases control over the product while driving. Also, the model uses ABEC7 2RS HP bearings. Thanks to them, the wheels spin at high speed.

Opinions about Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard are very flattering. Consumers praise the longboard for using good quality materials that ensure durability. The product is resistant to damage and allows driving on various surfaces. The product is dedicated to users weighing up to 100 kg.


Material: Skateboard was made of the highest quality fiberglass compound. This material is characterized by high durability and flexibility. Thanks to this, the model is not susceptible to damage, such as cracks or scratches.

Dropdown: Longboard has a lowered countertop profile. As a result, the centre of gravity is low, which has a positive effect on driving comfort. Since there is a small distance between the skateboard and the ground, it will be much more convenient for you to cover long distances.

Safety: Anti-slip tape is used on the landing. As a result, your feet stay in the same position while driving, which gives you great control over the product.


Replacing the tape: Over time, the anti-slip tape will wear out and must be replaced. Unfortunately, according to many consumers, it is too difficult to do it yourself.



YF YOUFU 22 Inch Skateboard

Our skateboard ranking also presents the YF YOUFU 22 Inch Skateboard. The equipment board has been entirely made of Canadian maple. To increase the strength of this element, 9-layer laminated plywood was used. The upper part was covered with a black, non-slip coating.

The dimensions of the top are22” LONG x 6” WIDE deck. The wheels used in this model are made durable 80A PU skateboard wheels. They have been supplemented with rubber bands of 80A.

Important elements of skateboards that we should also mention are trucks and bearings. The manufacturer has equipped this model with ABEC 7 Carbon bearings and reinforced 5 “heavy-duty aluminium trucks. If you want to buy this skateboard, remember that its use should not exceed 100 kg.

The skateboard itself weighs 3.5 pounds, so we can easily grab it under the arm and take it to the skatepark. In opinions, users praise the board made of natural materials and the appropriate profiling of the skateboard.


Materials: The top of the model is made of durable Canadian maple. The truck, in turn, is made of aluminium, the base of which has been further strengthened. The materials used guarantee durable construction.

Wheels: At the base of the model are  LED skateboard wheels without batteries and no charge. It means that the user can develop a high speed without losing grip. It ensures safe driving.


No damping: Unfortunately, the skateboard does not use shock absorption technology. For this reason, the product is best suited for driving on a hardened surface. Any unevenness will negatively affect driving comfort.




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