Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old

Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old

Top Skateboards for kids ranging from 8-year-olds to the adult beginners: A Review Guide

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Fed-up of getting scraped knees and bruised elbows after having countless hits and falls? Do you ever feel that your skateboard doesn’t fit your level of riding? Follow this article till the end to be left stupefied because there are mentioned below, highly recommended, matchless skateboards for beginners that are above the age of 8 years, teens, or complete adults who love pulling safe stunts and bid adieu to the bruises.

At times, the eight-year-olds are seen sulking and cross due to the skateboards they don’t work well with. Also, the teens and adults who are beginners and love pulling stunts are noticed going around, frustrated with penny boards. These options mentioned below are not only safe for the newbies but also very comfortable.

For other sports, equipment may matter, or they may not, but for skateboarding, the equipment should be right. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in, scroll down to know all about the best skateboards for the beginners because, with skateboards, you don’t need to buy the parking tickets!

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck – Designed for Kids, Teens, and Adults

 Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard, designed exclusively for the kids of age-group 8-onwards, teens, and adults. It is a beginner-friendly and a fun board. These phenomenal boards come completely assembled, ready to ride out of the box.

These are not only voguish and funky but also highly adored by the expert skateboarders. Yes, these are also used by the experts! They are easy to ride, which makes them safe to learn on. Not only teens and kids, but adults are also going gaga over it! Let’s find out what makes them so famous!


For adding colours to life by learning skateboarding fast, people of all ages root for this fantastic product by Magneto, a company 50 years old. These skateboards come with unique features that are unsurpassable!

These are everything you need if you or kids around you are fond of skateboarding but don’t yet know all the tricks to it. Also, this fresh board satisfies the stunt appetite of all level skateboarders. Plus, the dimension of the deck is ideal for the skateboarders.

The remarkable features these skateboards by Magneto come with are:

  1. Neither too small nor too big decks that are of 27-inch in length, 7.5-inch width, and 18-inch wheelbase are made out of six piles of Canadian maple wood of extremely excellent quality. Portable and big-sized fun!
  2. These super amazing boards have double kick asymmetrical tails. Hence, with direction dealing in check, the fast learning of the various skateboarding techniques is made easy!
  3. High-quality aluminum crafted trucks.
  4. Soft 60 by 51mm wheels made of high-rebound Polyurethane, that is incredibly reliable.
  5. ABEC-5 Bearings.
  6. Sand-grit atop the deck for a perfect grip is also matchless.
  7. Bold, funky graphics on the deck.

The fact that no plastic is used in the manufacturing of these skateboards ensure how strong these are. And the graphics these boards have are a cherry on the cake!

Colors and Graphics

Magneto offers four colors with different patterns etched skateboards that look just fabulous! Those four colors are:

  1. Bamboo:

It is a soft color with a “Magneto” logo on the front and the back as well.

  1. Heartbeat:

It is a pale-wood color with a black heartbeat imprint as it is shown in the heart rate monitor.

  1. Light-bulb:

This one comes in the same shade as the heartbeat one, but it has a glowing light-bulb image on it in black color.

  1. Music:

This design is a little darker in color, with a funky design smoothly carved on the back of the deck.

Who is it meant for?

These mini cruiser skateboards by Magneto are meant for the beginners of all ages, beginning from 8 years old. Yes, this implies that you can be 50+ and still ride it!

  • Like penny boards, it doesn’t slip off from under the skateboarders.
  • Can support the weight of ANYONE.
  • Incredibly strong.
  • Just the right size.
  • Portable and Sturdy.
  • Funky in looks.
  • Not the ideal bearings.


These outstanding skateboards of decent size have been picked various times when the customers were looking for a good board for beginners. All the ubiquitous features these boards offer are a complete package of fun and thrill. Since people have been rooting for these awesome boards, these are the bestselling ones amongst the boards for beginners.



YF YOUFU 22-Inch Skateboard, Plastic Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards for Beginners

 All in all, a perfect design by YF YOUFU, 22-inch Skateboards, are mini cruisers for the beginners of age-group eight onwards.

These cool boards come with LED lights emanating from the wheels as they roll around and generate electricity for themselves; no batteries required! The skateboarders of various levels enjoy these very much with a light show right at their feet.


These boards are very fast to ride according to the sources. The wheels and strong deck contribute greatly to this fact. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around in the bags to the classrooms, parks, and fun places. These mini cruisers possess unique specifications that are mentioned below:

  1. 22-inch long and 6-inch wide, a bendable deck made out of polypropylene with various colors ranging from “Blue flame to Skull design.” It is, of course, lightweight and easy to carry around with 200lbs of weight carrying strength. It also has 30 degrees tilted tail plate for comfortable riding. Skateboarding has never been any safer than this. Thanks to this design!
  2. These skateboards possess 3.2-inch magnalium trucks that are responsible for impeccable performance.
  3. There are etched to the skateboard 80A PU wheels with LED lights that illuminate when the wheels are rolling without any batteries or charging, these wheels are soft and highly durable.
  4. It has ABEC-7 Bearings that absorb the shock abruptly and do not let any harm touch the deck.
  5. The anti-slip front of the deck is also a major feature these skateboards possess that make them one of a kind.

These boards are highly pressure-resistant, comfortable to ride, and learn on, and perfect eye-candy with an alluring display of colors through wheels.

Who is this design meant for?

These mini cruiser skateboards by YF YOUFU are one of a kind that is made for the kids that are above the age of 8, teens, and lightweight adults, mainly beginners. Although the brand claims that these are also for the experienced skateboarders, that is not always the case.

  • Penny-style board.
  • Good quality.
  • Cool colors and designs.
  • LED light-up wheels
  • Never imbalances easily
  • Small deck.
  • Not as strong as compared to other boards.


Either for fun or exercise, these boards are highly recommended since they have many features that are extremely required by the beginners. The cool colors with LED lights confiscate the hearts of many, be them kids, teens, or adults. Sources say that these skateboards are responsible for spreading smiles and building confidence in the beginners.

Hence, these adorable skateboards by YF YOUFU are an excellent choice if one is willing to master the art of skateboarding.

Let’s find out below if the next one suits your requirements, if not the skateboards mentioned above.



ToyerBee 31-inch, 9 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Complete Skateboards for Beginners &Pro

 The amazing skateboards by ToyerBee are the gorgeous creations in the history of skateboards. Their iconic design and impressive features make it a perfect buy for street sports lovers.

People of all ages and starting from 8 years old are hooked to it! They share an undying affinity with ToyerBee 9 Layer Canadian Maple Wood crafted skateboards that have no or less competition in the skateboard market.

These are so far the best skateboards for an eight-year-old, fifteen-year-old, thirty-year-old, or any year old; you need the spirit and love for skateboarding! Let’s go through these fantastic products that are the epitome of fun for the exuberant, sportspeople.


ToyerBee 13-inch skateboards are known for their speed and design. They are comfortable to ride and easy to play skateboard techniques on. People not only learn fast on these, but they also make their ways towards the journey of skateboarding mastery. They have the best of the best features that beat all of the skateboards in just one go.

The features these boards offer are enlisted below:

1.     These skateboards include 31-inch long and 8-inch wide decks made out of 9 layers of Canadian Maple Hardwood that make the skating stable and smooth with a perfect grip.

2.     It is a double kick deck where the tilt plate is present on both ends, which enables the skateboarders to pull safe stunts as a beginner since taking swift turns is easy for them then.

3.     The trucks are made out of alloy that prove to be very strong and reliable.

4.     The Bearings are ABEC-7 that handle the weight up to 440lbs very quickly. Now, not only the kid, but the parents can ride these too!

5.     The 55mm wheels are made soft and of 95A PU that prevent abrasion and absorb shocks.

6.     The skateboards come in various designs and with graffiti all over them that help them carry a voguish look. Atop that they are covered with three layers of environmental-friendly paint to refrain from color damage.

7.     These also include a repair kit that involves a wrench, 2x wheel screws, and 2x truck screws.

These other-worldly skateboards provide an excellent grip that helps in riding steadily. ToyerBee 31-inch skateboards are not only powerful and reliable but also attractive and safe to ride. These are fancied very much for their unique features and design. But there are no color variations; these boards only have a black and white graffiti theme.

Why this skateboard?

People root for these skateboards because they know how unique and different these are from others. These boards by ToyerBee are the top picks of the people from all around the world due to their comfortable and strong decks and bearings that support weight up to 440lbs.

Any person who lacks balance when riding these, they are quick to learn the techniques that keep the board stable. Also, these are sturdy and made of just the right, high-quality Canadian Maple Hardwood, which leaves no room for breakage.

The three layers of paint ensure the excellent grip, unlike the penny boards, and the rock n roll designs keep the onlookers awed while the owners of these coolest skateboards ride around. There are shock-absorbing wheels that make it extra safe!

Who would turn their cheek from all these qualities?

  •  Strong and reliable deck.
  •  Support the weight up to 440lbs.
  • It has a high quality.
  • Graffiti themed
  •  Low price
  • Not portable.
  •  Heavy.


With life-sized dimensions, fresh design, and strong bearings, these skateboards have turned out to be a hot-selling product. These ToyerBee skateboards are too hard to resist, and the fun they bring along with the fast learning adds to their soaring high success.

You can always buy your own and decide if these boards are of any help.



Comparison table:

SkateboardsMaterialDeck sizeTrucksWheelsBearingsExtra Features
Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck – Designed for Kids, Teens, and AdultsSix piles of Canadian Maple Wood27-inch x 7.5-inchAluminum trucks.60 by 51mm, soft wheels.ABEC-5 Bearings.
YF YOUFU 22-Inch Skateboard, Plastic Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboards for BeginnersBendable Propylene22-inch x 6-inch3.2-inch Magnalium trucks.80A PU durable, wheels.ABEC-7 Bearings.LED light-up, no batteries, wheels
ToyerBee 31-inch, 9 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Complete Skateboards for Beginners &Pro9 layers of Canadian Maple Hardwood31-inch by 8-inchAlloy, reliable trucks.55mm, 95A PU Wheels.ABEC-7Bearings.A repair kit.

Now, based on your convenience and liking, you can pick any of the Skateboards mentioned above, the comparison chart has further made it easier for you, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite no.

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