Top 10 Best Skateboard For Big Guys [Analysed 2020]

Best Skateboard For Big Guys
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If you landed on this post, we know you are looking for helpful information to help you select the right skateboard as a heavy skater.

We can boldly announce that you have come to the right place! We have done a ton of research and combed through hundreds of high-quality skateboard offers that can bear significant weight. We ended up with ten of the best skateboards for big guys on our review list below.

Finding a befitting skateboard can be a lot of work. When you’re a big guy, the search can get even tougher. To avoid buying a skateboard that cannot bear your weight or stand the test of time, take the time to comb through this detailed review.

We have some helpful tips for heavy riders to avoid breaking skateboards at the end. make sure you read through so all the information we’ve gathered for you can be helpful.

Product Comparison Table

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Top 10 Best Skateboard For Big Guys [Analysed 2020]

  1. Minority 40” Maple Longboard
  2. Kryptonics 31” Drop-In Series Skateboard
  3. Imitor 31” Standard Cruiser Skateboard
  4. Beleev 31” Cruiser Skateboard
  5. Roller Derby 31” Street Series Skateboard
  6. Diyusi 31” Standard Pro Skateboard
  7. Roller Derby 31” Deluxe Series Skateboard
  8. Idea 31” Complete Skateboard
  9. Whome 31” Complete Professional Skateboard
  10. Atom 39″ All-Terrain Longboard


Minority 40” Maple Longboard

Longboard engineering doesn’t get better than this 40″ longboard from Minority. The design is absolutely revolutionary and every rider can testify of this after a joyous ride around the block.

If you are a big guy and you want a large board to fit your large frame, you have to go for this longboard. It is under $150 and promises to offer you full value for every dollar spent.

This skateboard is made from cold-pressed Hardrock 8-ply maple to provide unmatched strength, robust enough to carry up to 220lbs or 100kg.

The shock absorbent deck, high responsiveness, and accuracy make this longboard perfect for comfortable riding. You can cruise for hours at a stretch without any problems.

Because this is a drop-down and drip through skateboard, it is extremely stable with excellent grip. Many people believe that longboards are more difficult to ride because of the size but this product from Minority is surprisingly easily maneuverable, even with a 34” wheelbase.

If you’re a really heavy rider, don’t attempt to ride this skateboard without riser pads. The manufacturer does not include riser pads but you definitely need them if you are over 180lbs or the board will bottom out and might even break with heavy riding.

The manufacturer could add some extra padding and protection to ensure this beautiful longboard reaches the buyer without damages.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 40” x 10” longboard.
  • Downhill drop model design.
  • 7” aluminum reverse trucks.
  • Made with cold-pressed 8-ply maple wood.
  • The grip tape significantly improves grip.
  • Decent board for the price.
  • Very easy to maneuver considering it is a longboard.
  • You must buy and attach your own riser pads.
  • The trucks feel like plastic.
  • Not well packaged for shipping.


Kryptonics 31” Drop-In Series Skateboard

Made of sturdy, durable, and strong 9-ply maple wood, this Drop-in Skateboard from Kryptonics is a must-have for heavyweight beginners. The double kicktail pattern and smoothly rounded edges make it usable for different riding tricks, it offers better control for the skater and creates a system for easy braking.

The carbon steel bearings and polyurethane injected wheels increase the sleekness of the skateboards roll. Skaters can enjoy a smooth ride on varied surfaces all day long.

Kryptonics has made a very sturdy deck for this board making it an ideal starter kick for heavy users who want to start skateboarding. The recommended weight limit for this board is 220lbs but heavy riders of up to 300lbs use it without bottoming out.

Apart from the fact that it is made from strong 9-ply maple wood, this board can support so much weight because of heavy-duty trucks and polyurethane bushings. Those features also make for faster speed. The skateboard is very beautifully designed. The graphics stand out but the paint might not last as long as other 31” skateboards out there.

You might have to make some custom adjustments to the wheels when you receive this skateboard in the mail. The trucks are tightened stiff and you may want to loosen this up if you want the skateboard to go faster and run more smoothly.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 7.5” skateboard.
  • Double kicktail design.
  • 5” strong aluminum trucks.
  • Polyurethane wheels.
  • Good strong and sturdy deck.
  • Can handle a lot of weight without flexing.
  • Great for beginners as braking is super easy.
  • Suitable for kids and older skaters alike.
  • Trucks come too stiff, you must adjust them.
  • The paint is flimsy.


Imitor 31” Standard Cruiser Skateboard

 This 31″ Beginner cruiser is the definition of an easy-to-ride skateboard. It is flipped on both sides with a double kick concave design which increases control and stability for newbies to get comfortable with the board. The double-deck board is very sturdy.

The concave of the design isn’t overly steep but midland the wheels are medium-sized, providing superior control while riding. Beginners will find it easy to learn basic tricks with this board and slowly move on to advanced forms as they get better.

Children from age 8 and adults of all ages will fit right in with this cruiser. The maximum recommended weight is 220lbs but skaters of up to 320lbs can comfortably ride on it without bottoming out.

The 8-ply cold-pressed maple wood used in constructing the double-deck ensures this skateboard is very strong and durable, tough enough to handle heavyweight. The beautiful and colorful design pattern has been printed on the board by way of heat transfer.

It is not a sticker that will wear off after a few uses so you can enjoy cruising around the park with a beautiful board for longer. When you need to stop, simply place one foot down and this cruiser skateboard will come to a smooth halt with no sudden jerks.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 8” skateboard.
  • ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Polyurethane wheels.
  • 5” aluminum alloy trucks.
  • Made with 8-ply maple wood.
  • Durable skateboard made out of durable wood.
  • The board comes pre-assembled and you can start riding right out of the box.
  • Has smooth and sturdy wheels.
  • Easy for beginners to use.
  • Solid grip.
  • The grip is very rough like a file.


Beleev 31” Cruiser Skateboard

 This is another exceptional skateboard for heavy riders. It offers dual support in a single product as buyers can enjoy easy use from beginner to expert level.

The compact body is designed to be lightweight so it’s easy to carry around but it is also strong so it lasts long. Skaters of up to 220lbs will feel super comfortable standing on this 31” cruiser and it will not give way under such weight.

This 7-ply Canadian maple wood skateboard is designed to be flexible stable, and comfortable. Beleev guarantees the board will not bend even during braking or sliding. With its ABEC-7 bearings, polyurethane wheels, and soft polyurethane infused bushings, you will enjoy the smoothest riding experience.

Riders have full control of their movements because of the double concave kickback design. They can control their movements from basic moves to expert tricks. This high-quality skateboard comes beautifully designed with graphics that will not wear away easily so you can enjoy the pleasure of carrying a beautiful board around.

You might need to adjust your trucks before riding but everything else comes ready to use so you can ride this cruiser skateboard right out of the box. It is simple and easy to make adjustments with the complete tool kit set that comes with the skateboard. This is convenient and saves you the cost of buying a skateboard toolkit separately.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 8” skateboard.
  • Made from 7-ply maple wood.
  • Double kick concave design.
  • ABEC-7 shock-absorbing precision bearings.
  • Complete with tool kit.
  • Beautifully printed graphics.
  • Easy to ride.
  • A good size for kids and adults.
  • Ready to ride out of the box.
  • Comes with a tool kit. Very convenient.
  • Bearings are not very fast.


Roller Derby 31” Street Series Skateboard

 Any skater who wants to enjoy real street skating needs to get one on Roller Derby’s 31” Street Series Skateboards. With two available options, you can choose a comfortable design for your personality and enjoy smooth rolling at the skatepark.

You can safely ride around on this strong skateboard even if you’re up to 220lbs heavy. The 4mm riser pads attached to the board boost stability and increase its ability to bear more weight.

For additional safety, these skateboards are fully lined with grip tape on the top layer. This will keep the riders’ feet planted and eliminate slip-ups and potential injuries from such incidents.

This skateboard is designed for use on pavements and other concrete surfaces so don’t expect it to move as fast on rough terrain. The trucks might also not move smoothly so take time to adjust them before you go out riding.

Roller Derby’s Street Series is a set of versatile 31″ skateboards you can use for classic skateboard moves. The best moves to try are flip kicks and ollies. On this board, you will comfortably zoom around skateparks, sidewalks, and smoothly roll from one location to the other.

For safety, make sure to put on protective gear and a helmet when you ride. This is especially necessary for novice skaters. This set doesn’t come with protective gear so you have to purchase that separately.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 7.5” skateboard.
  • Available in 2 designs.
  • 5” aluminum trucks.
  • Made from 7-ply Hardrock maple.
  • Fitted with 4mm risers.
  • High quality and durable board.
  • Ready to ride out the box.
  • Comes with riser pads.
  • The wheels are a little slow.
  • The trucks don’t move freely.


Diyusi 31” Standard Pro Skateboard

 This high quality 31” Pro Skateboard from Diyusi is the real deal because it is made from high-quality materials. The Pro in the title doesn’t mean it is only designed for experts. This is one of the most versatile heavyweight skateboards on our list as it can accommodate tricks from simple beginner level ollies to complicated expert tricks.

We recommend this 8 layer maple wood skateboard over plastic options because it is strong and durable. The Pro Skateboard is able to handle weights as high as 220lbs. the strong polyurethane wheels also allow riders to enjoy long-distance skating without cost to their boards.

If you want smoother and faster rolling bearings, you will have to buy matching accessories and switch the original bearings on this skateboard out. For heavy riders, make sure to check and tighten the stud bolts before you begin to skate so as to eliminate wobbling and discomfort during skating.

This skateboard is available in 6 different colors to suit the personal preferences of different kinds of skaters. The modern designs are befitting for everyone from children to teenagers and adults.

For extra security, this skateboard has high-density waterproof emery paper for anti-skidding and added stability. You will enjoy riding this skateboard right out of the box and build your skater skills in comfort, style, and security.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 8” skateboard.
  • ABEC-9 high-speed alloy bearings.
  • Constructed from 8 layer hardwood maple.
  • Anti-skidding paper.
  • Rides super smoothly.
  • Dense, stable, and durable construction.
  • Comes with riser pads to bear evenly distribute weight.
  • Anti-skidding and waterproof emery paper are excellent.
  • The stud bolts wobble.
  • Bearings are not free rolling.


Roller Derby 31” Deluxe Series Skateboard

 The Deluxe Series was one of the foremost skateboards designed by Roller Derby back in the 1960s. Due to popular demand, the series is back in the market and has been infused with the latest technology to make it better.

If you need to explore your world, cruise skateparks, and roll on sidewalks, this is the skateboard you should choose. It is made from strong maple wood with eye-catching graphic design for beauty.

Any heavy rider should go for a skateboard made with strong materials or it is liable to break in half on the first ride. That is what you get from Roller Derby’s 31” Deluxe Series Skateboard.

The 31” skateboard is constructed from 7-ply Hardrock maple wood that has been shaped to a classic size for easy use. Skaters that are up to 220lbs can comfortably ride this strong skateboard without problems. It is also fitted with riser pads that help in even distribution of the riders’ weight.

The thick and solid skateboard is ready to ride as soon as you take it out of the packaging it was delivered in.  you might have to make small adjustments to fit your personal preferences but this skateboard is ideal for many popular and expert skateboard tricks.

Always remember to wear protective gear while riding a skateboard. You can purchase a helmet and other gear from a store if you don’t already have one set handy.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 7.5” skateboard.
  • Silver-5 fast Bevo chrome bearings.
  • Made with 7-ply hardwood maple.
  • Fitted with 4mm riser pads.
  • The board is thick and solid.
  • Fantastic for beginners.
  • Amazing quality for the price.
  • Ideal for rough riding.
  • Some measurements aren’t accurate.
  • Graphic design is matte and not so great for grip.


Idea 31” Complete Skateboard

 You don’t have to give up skateboarding if you’re overweight. In fact, the situation should encourage you to chase after a strong skateboard so you can get out there and shed some weight. Most of the skateboards we have reviewed so far can only bear up to 220lbs.

This is the real champion for extra heavyweight riders. With a maximum weight capacity of 441lbs, this Complete Skateboard from Idea is our strongest option for very heavy users and it comes at under $60. You don’t have to be an expert to use this board either.

It is suitable for beginners and skateboard enthusiasts alike. However, if you’re in the market for a very fast skateboard that you can use for very sophisticated tricks, you might want to look elsewhere as this board was designed with beginners in mind.

This adult skateboard is an absolute must-have if you plan on picking up skateboarding again after years of dormancy or when you’re starting out. It is lightweight, made with quality materials, and is easy to use.

Graphic design on this board is very beautiful and the deck is covered in non-slip waterproof emery sandpaper for increased rider stability. The idea’s customer service is also really great. They’re after purchase service ensures you’re enjoying what you paid for and even offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.


  • 441lbs/200kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 8” skateboard.
  • Made with 7-pl Canadian maple wood.
  • ABEC-7 chrome wheel bearings.
  • Non-slip, waterproof emery sandpaper.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Solid and sturdy wheels.
  • Very strong skateboard made with quality materials.
  • Fun and cool design.
  • Limited speed. Not convenient for professional skaters.
  • Highly recommended for beginners but not professionals.




Whome 31” Complete Professional Skateboard

Whome is a California based skateboard company in the business of delivering premium quality skateboards of all sizes and skateboard accessories. The maximum load on this board is 220lbs but the bearing capacity is almost double that weight.

That makes this skateboard ideal for heavy users to perform sophisticated tricks in uneven terrain and uphill spots. The strong 8 layer alpine maple wood also adds to the rigidity and durability of the professional skateboard. The pro trucks are made from aluminum alloy and the carbon steel shaft is well coated for longevity.

To give more control and boosted comfort to the user, Whome has used 53mm x 36mm upgraded wheels on the pro skateboard. The result is smooth rolling and easy turning.

The manufacturer does not only place focus on the outside of the skateboard, but the hidden parts under the deck have also been well designed and thought out for a better skating experience. You can comfortably perform your heelflips, ollies, and slides in grand style and comfort.

The hardwood deck is covered in premium grip tape for enhanced non-slip grasp. The double-sided concave design also makes it easier for the rider to control the board and stay fixed in their preferred position while they ride.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 31” x 8” skateboard.
  • Complete with tool kit.
  • 5” aluminum alloy trucks.
  • Made with deluxe 8 layer alpine maple wood.
  • Smooth ABEC-9 bearings.
  • 18” wheelbase.
  • Very smooth wheels for easy gliding.
  • Easily adjustable trucks.
  • High quality and beautiful painting.
  • Sturdy good quality board.
  • You will have to replace bearings to prevent shakiness.


Atom 39″ All-Terrain Longboard

Not everyone wants to ride around in a modern skatepark. Some skateboarders love to explore the outdoor and this is 100% possible with Atom’s 39” All Terrain Longboard. As a heavy rider, you need a solid off-road skateboard to do the job without worrying about breaking your board.

This longboard is made with premium maple-lam material. It has a drop deck designed to maintain a low center of gravity as you push off on rough terrain.

Apart from a sturdy deck, what else does an off-road rider need to stay safe? The excellent grip is the next most important thing and the Atom All-Terrain Longboard has a very coarse 46 grip tape, almost unmatched grip for rough terrain riders.

If this is your first time using a longboard, this product will work excellently well for you. Skateboard beginners might find this hard to use as a starter board because it is built to move really fast.

Expert skateboarders will feel right at home on this longboard. However, it’s not designed for skaters who just want to display tricks. Stick to exhilarating off-road riding and you will have excess fun.

Whether you’re a simple cruiser who wants to roll rather than walk dirt paths, or you’re a seasoned longboard rider on the lookout for a new quest to conquer, Atom’s 39” All Terrain Longboard is the right pick for you. You are guaranteed to enjoy thrilling speed on pavements and rough paths alike.


  • 300lbs/136kg weight limit.
  • 7” aluminum hangers.
  • Grade 8 kingpins.
  • 38” x 9.5” skateboard.
  • All-terrain longboard.
  • Super-fast speed.
  • Extremely durable.
  • The wheels move very smoothly.
  • The woody finishing is also durable and excellent.
  • Not very suitable for beginners.
  • Not very suitable for tricks.


Top Things To Consider Before Buying Skateboard For Big Guys

Make sure to consider the following important points before you select from our top 10 list of best skateboards for big guys.

Deck material

Fiberglass, bamboo and maple hardwood are the best deck materials for heavy riders. These materials are strong and can hold up under a lot of pressure. Also, the more layers your skateboard wood has, the better for weight support.

Deck width

The deck width refers to the measurement of the widest part of your skateboard. The wider the width, the more stable a heavy rider will feel, especially when doing tricks or riding at high speed. An 8” deck is ideal for heavy riders but 10” is even better.

Weight limit

Not all skateboards are designed to bear heavy weight. If you buy the wrong board, it will break on your first ride if it is not designed to carry your weight. We have specified the weight limit for every product we reviewed to help you make an informed choice depending on your weight.

Wheels and truck

The bigger the wheels of your skateboard, the faster they will roll and the more support they will offer. Because of this, we recommend 70mm wheels or higher. Heavy riders should also go for a skateboard with at least a 40° angle truck.

The shape of the skateboard

Drop through skateboards are the most ideal for heavyweight skaters. The design helps to distribute weight evenly and keep the skateboard well centered. Some regular concave-shaped boards will also work fine.

We cannot stress how important picking a skateboard is for your safety and comfort. Make sure to follow the above tips and consider each carefully before making a final choice.

Helpful Tips For Heavy Riders To Avoid Skateboard Breakage

Being a heavy rider increases the possibility than you will break any skateboard you ride on. Because of this, it is wise to learn helpful hacks to avoid this. You don’t want to buy a new skateboard every week and have it break in half like the last one.

  • Use skateboards with pro-grade decks: if you don’t buy a good skateboard, it probably won’t last long. This is not only true for heavy riders but all skateboarders in general. Only go for skateboards designed by reputable companies and made with tough materials.
  • Land correctly: skateboard breaking is very normal for heavy riders but people who have learned how to land correctly usually have lesser breakage. When you land, bend your knees and aim to place your feet over the trucks.
  • Buy boards regularly: if you’re not interested in searching for pro-grade skateboard quality, you can resolve to buy good cheap options but in increased quality. Look for deals and sales and buy a few skateboards at a time because they will surely break.

Final Verdict

Heavy skaters are in a peculiar position. They are very aware of their weight and must consider it before stepping on any type of skateboard. For safety, stability, and comfort, it is extremely important to pick a heavy riders skateboard with care.

The amount of noise in the market makes it difficult to go through the selection process without giving up. This post has all you need to select the perfect skateboard for your weight and needs. Make sure to share this with a friend who has always wanted a skateboard but been wary of his or her weight. We hope this post has been helpful to you. Happy skateboard shopping!

Top 10 Best Skateboard For Big Guys [Analysed 2020]
Article Name
Top 10 Best Skateboard For Big Guys [Analysed 2020]
Minority 40” Maple Longboard Kryptonics 31” Drop-In Series Skateboard Imitor 31” Standard Cruiser Skateboard Beleev 31” Cruiser Skateboard Roller Derby 31” Street Series Skateboard Diyusi 31” Standard Pro Skateboard Roller Derby 31” Deluxe Series Skateboard Idea 31” Complete Skateboard Whome 31” Complete Professional Skateboard Atom 39″ All-Terrain Longboard

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