How to Choose a Skateboard for a Child of 10 Years Old?

How to Choose a Skateboard for a Child of 10 Years Old?
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At the age of 10, the child is active, cheerful, energetic. To channel energy in a useful direction, many parents teach him to play sports. So, a popular hobby among modern teens is skateboarding. For the child to be passionate about this occupation, it is essential to choose the board correctly.

How to Choose a Skateboard for kids?

There are several steps that you will definitely have to go through before choosing a skate for your child.

Step 1: Find out what type of skating your child wants to master

The first and most important question when choosing a skateboard – what will the board be used for? You must make sure that the purchase will perform the appropriate functions.

If the board is designed solely for riding, children will want a Skateboard or longboard. If you want to do tricks, buy a traditional skateboard – a shortboard. Choosing a penny, longboard or skateboard can be difficult if you don’t know what kind of ride it is purchased for.

If you are not sure which skateboard to choose, take a shortboard. You can just ride it and do tricks on the board. As for the longboard, it is too heavy and bulky to twist the tricks.

Step 2: Choose the correct board shape

You might think that all the boards are flat, but it’s worth a little understanding of the issue and it will become clear that there are many options to choose from.

Radial, progressive, concave, flat, asymmetric, convex … all this was created for experienced skaters who want to perform certain tricks better, but for the first boards such characteristics mean nothing.
If you do not know how to choose a skateboard for beginners, then take the easiest option.

Step 3: Choose the correct board size

There are four mainboard sizes: micro, mini, medium, and full size. Microboards with a width of 6.5 – 6.75 inches are designed for children from 5 years old and younger, and how to choose a skateboard for a child mini-boards with a width of 7 inches are ideal for older children. The most common size of the first skate for children is the average size, which corresponds to the size of shoes 7 and 8.

For newer adults, it’s best to take a 7.5-inch or larger full-size board.

 Step 4: Select Material

In creating skateboard decks, Canadian maple is the most common material. Two other most popular materials for the manufacture of boards for many years remain plywood from bamboo and Baltic birch. The popularity of Canadian maple largely depends on the quality of the wood and the stability that it provides.

Plastic is a good alternative, which is much cheaper in cost, most often made of penny boards .. There are also aluminum and fiberglass decks that work in a similar way.

Step 5: Check Board Quality

On a board of good quality, the wheels will roll easier, it will be easier to turn, which means that maneuverability will be good and it will be more stable than cheap options. Before making a purchase, check the quality of the deck; there should be no defects on it.

Step 6: Get Ready To Know The Price

It is immediately worth noting that before choosing a skateboard for a child of 10 years old, you need to understand that you have to spend a lot of money. Although you should not exclude the option of buying on sales, in this case, the price will be significantly lower.

Get ready to find out the price.

On the Internet, prices for shortboards range from 50 to 100 dollars, while for longboards you will need to pay from 100 to 150 bucks. A penny board can also be found for $ 90, um for 125.

We know that skateboarding can require a lot of money, but it is important to consider the ratio of quality and safety.

Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars

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A few tips for beginners

When you have already decided how to choose the right skateboard, you should know about a few more important things that a beginner should consider.

A child who is first skateboarding must do this in the right shoes. No matter what the weather, and no matter how many degrees of heat, there is only shoes that have flat soles.

Sandals and slippers are best left for hiking. Skateboarding people are more likely to favor brands like Airwalk or Vans. Such shoes are designed just for such exercises, it is easier to stay on the board, the sole does not slip, and the first lessons will bring much more pleasure. The child’s feet should be in maximum comfort, this is the key to successful learning.

The second important aspect is the protection. It just so happened that skateboarding is a very extreme and traumatic activity, especially for a beginner. The first unsuccessful fall on the asphalt can forever discourage riding. Therefore, when buying a skate, also purchase a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

This is an important point, and if the child does not understand why this is necessary, referring to the fact that he saw older children without such uniforms, explain to him that protecting your body is important. Trying on the protection is mandatory, as it should ideally sit, not hamper the movements, and not create discomfort.


Adults and children’s skateboards are board on wheels on which the athlete rides, pushing his foot off the asphalt. The design has a deck – a board made of wood, aluminum, or polymers; its length is usually 27.2–29 inches, width – 6.5–8.25 inches.

Another mandatory element of the unit is the track, which is an aluminum or steel suspension located in the front and rear partsSkateboard wheels usually have a diameter of 52-60 mm and are equipped with two bearings.

Lastly, the design is equipped with abrasive skin called glue. This coating is applied to the surface of the deck; it has anti-slip properties, improves adhesion between shoes and the board, doing training tricks, and jumps more accessible.

Next, we note the benefits of riding a child on a children’s skateboard:

  • this projectile develops coordination of movements and trains the vestibular apparatus;
  • in the event of an obstacle, it is easier to jump off a skate than, for example, on a bicycle;
  • models for 10-year-olds are usually designed not only for children but also for youth and adults, that is, such an aggregate is universal – the child will not be able to “grow” out of it, unlike, for example, rollers or skates;
  • this attribute is equipped with a minimum number of dangerous parts compared to a gyro scooter, bicycle, scooter.

Despite the advantages of children’s models, among their features, there are also disadvantages. So, first of all, a flaw is manifested at the very beginning of the sports path – learning to ride a skateboard is quite difficult. In addition, like any sport, skateboarding is traumatic, although in this case, reliable protective equipment is provided for skateboarders.

Another disadvantage is the difficulty of choosing a good quality board. Let’s try to deal with this issue.

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Or 10-year-old athletes, it is recommended to choose designs made from Canadian mapleThis natural raw material without chemistry is good in that it does not cause allergies and is characterized by high strength due to its multilayer properties. If you need a more budget option, polymer boards are also suitable for beginners.

If the height of a young skateboarder at the age of 9-12 years has already exceeded 1.5 m, then a mid-size board with a deck 71 cm long and 18.5 cm wide will suit him.

Pay attention to the wheels, they are all made of polyurethane, but the size varies greatlyWheels with a diameter of 52–55 mm are suitable for young riders, 56–60 mm for beginners, and more than 60 mm for speed lovers. If a child is starting to get involved in skateboarding, then choose designs with large wheels: they reduce vibration when riding on a bad road and provide a high-quality grip on asphalt.

Wheel stiffness also matters. So, hard varieties hold speed better and have a long service life, but when riding on bumps, every blow is acutely felt. Soft wheels keep the speed worse and wear out quickly, but provide a more comfortable ride.
Examine and bearings on wheels. The larger the number constituting the marking, the higher the speed the bearing can withstand. The width of the deck is determined by the height of the child and the driving style. The narrower the deck, the more mobile, but the wider samples are stable. The length of the deck does not affect the speed and quality of riding. A typical size is considered to be 31 inches.

Popular models

Some popular children’s skateboards deserve attention.

Penny board

 The model is more suitable for children who already have experience in riding on the board, as it is equipped with ABEC 7 racing bearings.

The skateboard can withstand a load of 80 kg, so it is suitable for an adult. The diameter of the wheels is 59 mm, and the softness is 78A. Available in two lengths: 22 and 28 inches.

The projectile develops excellent speed, is durable, stable, the manufacturer offers to order individual product design.
 Original spare parts are widely available. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the weight of the structure, heavy for the child, and the narrow deck.
In addition, practicing jumping on this instance is not recommended.


  • three versions in three colors (red, blue and yellow) and three graphic solutions;
  • Suitable for beginners and professional riders;
  • in the manufacture of high-quality materials were used.
  • Suitable for street asphalt, marble, and granite, skatepark coatings, as well as for ramp riding;


BELEEV Skateboard

In this case, the model is equipped with ABEC 7 bearings, which means that parents can not worry about the child gaining more speed.

The deck is made from Chinese maple, only nine layers – this is a fairly strong and durable material. Dimensions – 22″ length x 6” wide. The pendant is made of aluminum.
  • soft wheels (78A) in conjunction with a bearing (ABEC-9) favor comfortable driving around the city without vibration;
  • made of quality materials;
  • Three designs to choose from.
  • No cons found.

SANVIEW Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This board can be bought by a child at the age of 7, but used by a young skateboarder up to the age of 10.

This is an exclusively children’s skate, as it is designed for weight up to 220 lbs and a height of 130–140 cm. It is made of a 7-layer maple. It allows you to perform simple tricks. The size of the wheels is 59×45 mm, with the stiffness of 92A.
Boys and girls in this version like a clear, bright pattern. This is a well-walkable, comfortable, maneuverable model that is perfect for teaching a child to ride a skateboard and simple jumps.
  • Lightweight Board and Portable
  • 22inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Colorful Deck Choice
  • 59*45mm PU Wheel
  • 3.25inch Truck

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