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When buying your first skateboard, you should pay attention primarily to the quality of its performance and the universality of parameters. Beginner skaters should choose a skateboard that is easy to master and designed for asphalt riding. See what to look for when buying a skateboard so that learning to skateboarding is quick and pleasant.

Choosing the first skateboard should be well thought out and planned. Do not buy a plank on impulse, or after noticing a promotion in the supermarket, because the equipment offered in such places is of poor quality and quickly deteriorates.

 In the beginning, it is worth to read the basic information about skateboards, and then go to a professional store for skaters – then we will be sure that the equipment we purchased is the best quality and comes from a reliable source.

Skateboard – construction, and parameters

The elements each skateboard is made of are:

  • Board (also called deck ) – consists of 7 or 9 layers of maple wood, sometimes with an admixture of fiberglass, carbon, or Kevlar, which reduces the weight of the structure. It is covered with a grip, i.e., sandpaper increasing adhesion. The length of the board ranges from 71-82 cm;
  • sawing (and. truck ) – permit mounting the wheels to the counter and control the skateboard;
  • Wheels – most often made of polyurethane, less often of natural Kalczuk. Larger wheels are designed for ramps and allow the development of high speeds, smaller ones make the skateboard lighter, but also slower;
  • Bearings – affect the speed of wheel rotation. They are marked with the symbol ABEC and a number from 1 to 7. The larger the number, the faster the wheels spin;
  • mounting hardware – special screws that are used to mount sawmills to the board.

Advanced skateboarders complete all elements and then put together their skateboards adapted to their preferred riding style. Beginners who do not know the parameters of individual parts are recommended ready-made skateboards made by the manufacturer.

The first skateboard – what to look for when buying?

If you decide to buy a complete skateboard, its construction is probably adapted to the needs of a beginner. However, it does not hurt to note that all parameters have certain values ​​that will make learning progress easier.

wheels hardness – wheels with the hardness of 99A are recommended for learning

  • wheel dimensions – the most universal are those in the 53-55 mm range,
  • bearings – marked with the symbols ABEC-3 or ABEC-7,
  • length and width of the board – ideally dimensions should be 78.5×20 cm

Buying the first skateboard – what not to do?

Often when buying your first skateboard, you unknowingly make mistakes that later negatively affect our ride comfort and, as a result, discourage you from learning more. Therefore, to make the right choice, there are several rules to remember:

  1. Do not buy skateboards in supermarkets – it is almost certain that the equipment purchased at a random supermarket will be of very poor quality and will quickly break down. It is better to go to a special skater shop, where you can count on the professional help of sellers and the selection of the highest quality equipment.
  2. Do not buy a skateboard cheaper than PLN 100 – each costing less is not suitable for regular riding and is easily damaged.
  3. Choose a skateboard from the mid-price range – equipment for 150-200 PLN is the optimal choice for beginners.
  4. Be careful when buying a used skateboard – before you decide to buy, look carefully at the board, check if there is a broken or delaminated deck, and ask the seller to ride on it. If you have little knowledge about skateboards and you can’t use the advice of a professional, it’s better to buy a completely new board.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of workmanship – in particular, check what the countertop is made of. The highest quality boards are made of Canadian maple and consist of 7 layers (the 9-layer top can be too heavy for a beginner and make it difficult to ride).

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