Which Backpack or Case to Choose for a Skateboard?

Which Backpack or Case to Choose for a Skateboard?
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Many people like to perform various stunts on skateboards, going to equipped platforms for this purpose. To transport such devices, it is better to purchase a unique backpack or case. Today we’ll talk about how to choose a carrier for your skateboard.

The most convenient and ergonomic for carrying skateboards are backpacks. They have significant advantages.

  • Hands-free. The backpack allows you to carry the product on your back, without occupying your hands.
  • Spaciousness. These products, most often, in addition to the main compartment for the skateboard, also have several additional pockets for accessories.
  • Comfort. Such backpacks are made with foam straps that allow a person to feel as comfortable as possible. In addition, they are available with orthopedic backrest.

In addition to backpacks, standard bags and cases are often used to carry skateboards. They differ from backpacks in that they do not have additional pockets and compartments, and are also designed to be carried in hands.

Types of Mounts

Most of the backpacks and covers for carrying skateboards are equipped with special mounts, with which the products are mounted on the material. They can be of several types.

It provides maximum human comfort. The transverse variety makes it possible to maximize the use of all pockets and compartments on the product. Some cases have a diagonal mount, which appeared relatively recently.

Today, there are a considerable number of manufacturing companies that produce backpacks and covers for carrying skateboards.

  • Among them, the company GoRide can be distinguishedShe sells models with mounts on the front side. They have a compartment for storing keys and sports shoes. The back of such transfers is as dense as possible, which ensures human comfort.
  • Manufacturer Hubro Designs produces small models with a special pass-through mount for the skateboard on the outside. Such materials have a convenient elastic strap for reliable fixation of the board. The skateboard mounts are made of a material that is particularly resistant to abrasion during operation. The interior is carried out with a convenient and roomy organizer and an additional compartment for a phone or tablet.
  •  The Dakine brand is considered the most popular manufacturer of backpacks for such bds. In the assortment of his products, you can find models with an additional soft compartment for a laptop or tablet and with small pockets on the sides with zippers. And also, these products have a comfortable chest strap with an elastic coating. Dakine products are most often made from polyester. Products can be made in a variety of colors.

Selection recommendations

When choosing a backpack or a cover for a skateboard, you should pay attention to the fastening for the board. If you often have to open additional pockets and compartments, then it is better to give preference to models with a transverse view of the mount.

If there is a desire to purchase models that provide maximum comfort during carrying, then it is worth giving preference to samples with a longitudinal type of fastening.
But you must consider the carrying itself. Bags and cases, as a rule, are carried in the hands, often they do not have additional pockets for accessories.

Backpacks for skateboards are considered more functional, as they are made with different compartments.

Also, such products have a special coating – soft and mesh – for more comfortable placement on the back of a person.

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