Best Skateboard Wheels for Concrete Parks

Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Concrete Parks ( Buying Guide 2020)

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A skateboard without wheels turns into an ordinary piece of wood, which is of no use. You need to be able to choose them according to characteristics that directly affect the behavior of the board and the nature of future riding.

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Spitfire formula four conical skateboard wheels are suitable for parks and rough roads because they are lightweight. Their urethane formula lasts longer and has high resilience. Thus, they can withstand abuse and performs excellently. They are available in varying sizes ranging from 52mm to 56mm. These wheels have smooth surfaces and have a conical shape. They are available in 99 and 101durometer.

  • These wheels are quite versatile and function well in street or park skating.
  • They have smooth surfaces covered with a shiny coating. Thus, there is less surface friction.
  • They have formula four urethane that makes them have a controllable grip.
  • They are light weighted.
  • They are affordable.
  • They are available in a range of beautiful colors and designs to choose from them.
  • Durability and long-lasting: these wheels are quite durable.
  • They have more extensive riding surfaces.
  • They have a cutaway design for unmatched control and constant speed.
  • They have an unmatched abrasion resistance against flat spots.
  • They have high-speed capabilities.
  • They make smooth anti-slick slides.
  • They are excellent for power slides and lock-ins.
  • They have a classic shape.
  • No drawbacks.
  • The shiny coating on the smooth surface wears away quickly.


Shark Wheel California Rolls Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a – Green

Shark Wheels are wheels with high-quality urethane. They have high resistance to flat spotting and abrasion. They are fast and quite durable. They have a wheel diameter of 60mm and a width of 33mm. The durometer is rated 104a of equivalence to 84b durometer. They have a smooth surface and are highly suitable for skate parks and rough surfaces.

  • Their high-quality urethane formula is specially designed to resist flat spotting on slick and smooth surfaces.
  • They have high-speed capabilities.
  • They are long-lasting wheels.
  • They are versatile and have an all-purpose performance for street and park skating.
  • They give a smooth and consistent ride.
  • They maintain a high rebound for responsiveness because of their durometer rating-84B, which makes them hard.
  • They have high abrasion resistance.
  • These wheels have high stability.
  • These wheels are very durable and long-lasting.
  • They don’t feel slippery. They have a very excellent grip.
  • They excel on smooth surfaces and bumpy roads.
  • They have flat surfaces with a shiny coating.
  • They have a lighter weight.
  • They produce excellent and smooth slides.


  • Their cost is slightly higher than the other wheels.


Bones Rough Riders • Wranglers • 59mm • Green

Bones rough  Tech Formula wheels have a durometer of 83B with an equivalence of 103A. They are versatile, stable, and durable. They are available in varying sizes. They have a treaded wheel surface with tiny grooves on the riding surface. They have no wheel core. The wheel diameter is 52mm and a width of 34mm. They are suitable for parks and rough terrains.

  • Durability and longevity: these wheels are quite durable and long-lasting.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are versatile and have an all-purpose performance for park and street skating.
  • They give fantastic soundness and hold.
  • They are highly resistant to flat spotting.
  • These wheels have fast-rolling abilities because they have a high rebound ability.
  • Their wheels are treaded. Thus, this enhances their grasp and footing, when in contact with smooth surfaces.
  • They have more grip and control on rough terrains.
  • They wear evenly.
  • They have reduced friction.
  • Higher slide-ability: These wheels produce easier and smoother slides.
  • They have high stability.
  • They are rigid, which makes them function excellently in making slides.
  • They are available in a variety of shapes and colors.
  • They are quite expensive.



Mini logo skateboards a-cut 101a skateboard wheels are made of durable and tough urethane. They are A-cut wheels (All-Terrain Cut Wheels), which make them suitable for dealing with all landscapes. It has a 101a durometer and a diameter of 56mm. Their width is 37mm. The wheel surfaces are treaded, thereby enhancing their grasp and footing on smooth surfaces.

  • These wheels are made of sturdy and durable urethane formula.
  • They are A-cut wheels, and thereby they are equipped for dealing with all landscapes.
  • They are perfect for parks and road skating.
  • They have a super-high rebound formula.
  • They provide better traction and speed.
  • They are long-lasting and durable wheels.
  • They are available in varying sizes, shapes, and harnesses.
  • They are versatile and all-purpose wheels for street and park skating.
  • They have good grips and high stability.
  • They are perfect for beginners.
  • They are quite affordable.
  • They have a conical wheel shape and a full riding surface for better control
  • Their treaded surfaces allow for better grip on smooth surfaces.
  • They can deal with level spots.
  • They are, to a certain extent, defective in grasping.



Ricta wheels are made of a long-lasting urethane formula that rolls smoothly and has a high resistance to flat spots. They have a 101a durometer. They have a treaded surface, which comes with tiny grooves that wear away quickly. They are available in diameters 52mm, 53mm, and 54mm. This wheel is excellent for street and park skateboarding.

  • They provide the least amount of traction required for technical skateboarding.
  • They are available in a variety of designs and graphics, which are all suitable for all skateboarding styles.
  • They provide a long-lasting and smooth ride.
  • They are made of a high-quality urethane material (a high-performance prime urethane).
  • They are speedy and rigid.
  • They have high resistance to flat spots.
  • They have a lightweight.
  • They have a wider width, which makes them have more stability than some other wheels.
  • They provide smooth to deal with and predictable slides.
  • They have a higher cost than other wheels.



For concrete parks, wheels with durometer ranging from 96a and 101a are suitable. Also, the wheel’s diameter should be from 53mm to 56mm. I recommend the Mini-Logo A-cut 101a skateboard wheel. They have a 101a durometer and a wheel’s diameter of 56mm. They are A-cut wheels (All-Terrain Cut Wheels), which make them suitable for dealing with all landscapes. They are made of high-quality urethane, which is durable and sturdy.

Also, they have a super-high rebound formula compared to other wheels. Despite not being expensive, they provide better traction and high speed. They are long-lasting and durable wheels.

How to Choose Skateboard Wheels?

Wheels are not chosen at random – every snowboarder knows about it. There are a number of characteristics by which you can determine the quality of the product, and those characteristics that will appear on the skate after installing the selected wheels on it.

Material for wheels

Polyurethane is the main material used by skateboard wheel manufacturers. It is this material that has the highest performance characteristics, which can vary depending on the structure of the material. No wonder polyurethane is widely used in mechanical engineering.

When choosing wheels for a skateboard, you need to check that they are made of polyurethane and in no case of rubber, plastic, or other alternative materials. Even gel wheels for skate will not be better than polyurethane.


It is with this parameter that the choice of a moving base for the board begins. The stiffness of the wheels for a skate can be called differently – a durometer or a degree of endurance, but it is always indicated the same way: with the number and letter a. With increasing numbers, stiffness also increases. Soft wheels have a stiffness designation of 50a, while the stiffest is 90a.

Rigid specimens are characterized by the not very good grip, which creates difficulties with braking. As a result of a little friction, such wheels have a long service life. They are ideal for high jumps if you close your eyes to a hard landing and strong vibration.

To use them, you need a flat surface because, on bumps and any irregularities, it will shake strongly. With such a foundation, you should not expect good handling from a skateboard.

Wheels with moderate stiffness can be installed on the board for movement on city streets. Opponents of shaking should get shoes with anti-shock soles, which often have the shape of a dome.

To conquer the ramp, it is better to install moderately soft elements on the board. At the same time, obedience to the skate and excellent traction with a smooth surface of the ramp will please and will reach considerable heights.

The wheels will not wear out quickly due to the lack of a hard surface, and the speed will gain fairly quickly anyway.

With a difficult choice faced by absolute beginners, it is worth choosing an average stiffness.

The size

Next comes another, no less significant indicator, which must be taken into account. Many wheels have a diameter in the region of 52-60 mm. These figures are considered average. For skaters of small stature, it is better to choose products with a smaller diameter to achieve a good response of the skateboard to user control.

Wheels with a diameter of more than 60 mm are available for longboards or street skateboards, which are often used for surfing. On a board with such a moving base, you can move at high speed. Such wheels have an elongated design, which contributes to better traction with the coating.

In general, for large elements that are installed on longboards, high softness indicators are characteristic. Therefore, even large distances can be covered with poor road surfaces. Wheels with a small diameter are likely to have high hardness, which will allow you to perform complex tricks and engage in extreme sports.


The effect of this parameter on the performance of a skateboard wheel is controversial. Some sources indicate that elements painted in the same color develop a higher speed than their multi-colored counterparts. From a scientific point of view, we can talk about the relationship between the addition of pigment and increased softness of the wheel, which entails a decrease in speed characteristics.

There is no theoretical evidence for such a statement yet. If we take for comparison black copies with the highest percentage of additives and white with the same characteristics, then it will be very difficult to find the difference between them. If you are convinced of the existence of such a dependence, then it is better to choose ordinary elements.

In general, pigments are added to polyurethane even at the stage of its melting, so the impact on performance is zero.

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Other characteristics

It is better not to buy consumer goods with which even the season will not work out. It’s better to pay attention to the products of a good manufacturer immediately. All companies that offer to buy skateboard wheels are conventionally divided into two types:

  • the first group of manufacturers specializes exclusively in the production of wheels
  • the second group of manufacturers produces both skateboards and a moving base for them

Good options can not cost less than 30$. The upper limit is more difficult to determine since everything here depends on the brand and those innovations that the manufacturer claims.

In the market, there were instances inside which there are plastic cores. This structure allows for reducing the weight of the product. The advantage is dubious since the plastic insert does not have sufficient reliability. Nevertheless, it is better to choose classics – wheels made of solid polyurethane inspire confidence more.

Summarize. Products should be only polyurethane and quality. With a little experience riding on the board, you need to choose soft wheels that brake well and do not bounce on every bump—the design you can safely choose at your discretion without worrying about the decline in performance.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Concrete Parks ( Buying Guide 2020)
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Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Concrete Parks ( Buying Guide 2020)
For concrete parks, wheels with durometer ranging from 96a and 101a are suitable. Also, the wheel’s diameter should be from 53mm to 56mm. I recommend the Mini-Logo A-cut 101a skateboard wheel. They have a 101a durometer and a wheel’s diameter of 56mm

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